Photos - old

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Beaver Creek, Feb 2018                   Keystone, Mar 2014

Park City, Feb 2018                          Jackson Hole, Feb 2014

Cortina, Feb 2018                             Park City, Jan 2014

Iceland, Aug 2017                             From the 1970's

Brit. Vir. Islands, May 2017               From the 1980's?

La Plagne, Jan 2017                         Looks like the 1990's?       

Vail, Jan 2017                                    Mostly 2000's part 1

Danube, Sep 2016                            Mostly 2000's part 2

Sun Peaks, Feb 2016.                       Mostly 2000's part 3

Quebec, Jan 2016.                            Mostly 2000's part 4

Snowmass, Jan 2016.                       Early 2010's part 1

Shrimp Boil, Oct 2015.                      Early 2010's part 2

Madesimo, Jan 2015.                        Early 2010's part 3

Beaver Creek, Jan 2015                    40th Anniversary Party



Monthly Featured Photo

Ken and Velma with Christmas presents donated by CLASC members to the Dickinson Police Dept. 

Christmas Party 2019

Portugal 2019